Let Me Start By Saying
Thank You to You

This site is my personal thank you to the world and the people in it--like you. I know. That sounds a bit corny. No need to worry. Not everything on this site is corny.

There are so many occasions to show gratitude. And yet, there are millions of times when I did not express it.

Days whiz by with no time to spare. Vacations, holidays, graduations whirl away with excitement. Hectic jobs and hard times stress the mind. The words seem to vanish. Phone calls of thanks, cards, or letters get delayed and then forgotten.

I Want to Help You ...

On these pages, you will discover a variety of funny, sincere, solemn, and business-like ways to share your appreciation.

You can find tips on how to write thank you notes, samples letters, examples of writing sympathy thanks, thankyou quotes and all kinds of stuff.

One day I dream to have everything on this website that anyone would ever need to let someone else know they are valued. Wow! That may be too tall an order. For now, I hope I can help you find the perfect way to share these two simple words with someone.

For me, the more I express my gratitude, the happier I am. I hope it makes you happy, too.

Thanks for reading this.

Christy Murphy

PS I want to make this site useful for people. If you think of something not covered here or spot an error in a sample note, let me know. Salamat po! (My mom is Filipino. Guess what it means.)

I'll be adding more pages daily. Browse, enjoy and share!

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