A Thank You Sales Letter
for You to Copy

The following are examples of a thank you sales letter to say thanks for a recent purchase of a product or service.

If you provide a service or sell products such as makeup or other renewable items sending your your customer a business thank you card or note after the first sale can insure you keep the customer for a lifetime.

These sales thank you notes are great for:

• Housecleaners
• Hair dressers and beauty consultants
• Appliance salesman• Lawncare and Poolcare services
• Janitorial Supply services
• Drycleaners and launderes
• Housepainters
• Baby sitters
• Handy man and repair services

and many more.

Sample of Thank You Sales Letters
for Service Providers

Sample for Cleaning or other Service

• Dear Bob (or Mr. Smith or Bob Smith)

Thank you for choosing Murphy's Cleaning Services (or insert name of your company). Your business is appreciated, and we are proud to be your new cleaning service (insert your service) provider (alternative words also company). Thanks again.

Dave Murphy
Owner and Operator (Insert Your Title)

Sample Thank You Note from Owner for New Customer
Dear Janet,

Thank you for choosing Betty's Beauty Salon as your new salon. Your business is appreciated, and we are proud to be chosen as your new salon. May every day be a great hair day! Thanks again.

Kind regards,

Customer Appreciation Note

Dear Derek Smith,

It's easy in today's tough economic time to forget to say thank you for customer loyalty. We wanted to make sure that you know that your business is truly appreciated. please let us know if there's anything that we can do to improve the quality of service that you receive. Enclosed is a special gift for you as a small token of our gratitude. Thanks again.

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