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Baby Gift Thank You Card Wording

baby monitor

• Thank you so much for the baby monitor. Now we can feel close to our little one at all times – all on account of your thoughtful gift. We shall cherish it always! Thanks again.

back sleeper

• We’d like to extend our warmest thanks for the back sleeper gift for lil . It will be put to good use. Now, we’ll all be able to sleep soundly through the night knowing our lil one is taken care of! Thanks so much for your very thoughtful gift.


• Thank you kindly for the beautiful and very useful bassinet you gifted to us. Not only will our little one put this to good use, but it will add such a wonderful touch to each corner of our home! We’ll think of you each time we use it. Thanks again.

baskets (see Moses baskets)

• I can’t express adequately how blown away we were by the gorgeous Moses basket you gifted to us for Baby . It’s such an elegant gift. It will be cherished for many years to come. Thanks again.

basket bedding

• Thank you so much for the handsome basket bedding that you so thoughtfully gifted to us for baby . It will come in handy and Baby will enjoy it thoroughly. Thanks again for your very kind gift.

bathtub / bath center

• How did you know we needed a bathtub so badly?! Thank you so much for the wonderful bathtub for lil Baby . Bath time will be that much more special now because of your very thoughtful gift. Thanks again.

bath items (such as soap, washcloth, lotion)

• Thank you for the bath items for our little bundle of joy. These will surely come in handy in the near future. It was wonderful of you to give such highly-needed items! Thanks again.

bath toys 

• Thank you so much for the wonderful assortment of bath toys for Baby . Bath time will be extra special, because of your very gracious gift. We can’t wait to try them out! Thanks again.


and I would like to thank you for the precious bib you gifted us for Baby . We love it and know it will surely come in handy soon enough! Thanks so much for thinking of us during this very special time.

baby blankets / blankets 

• Thank you so much for the snuggly blankets you gifted to us for Baby . We almost want them for ourselves they’re so soft! We thank you for your very thoughtful and warm gift!

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