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Thank You Card Wording
S (Part 2)

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Sling (see also baby carrier)

• Thank you so much for the baby sling. Carrying the baby will be a breeze with this wonderful sling. We can’t thank you enough for thinking of us during this special time.


• We’d like to thank you for these precious baby slippers. We know they shall keep the baby’s feet nice and warm and snuggly! This gift is so appreciated. Thanks again.


• Thank you for the pretty spoons. We shall use these often and think fondly of you when we do so. We greatly appreciate this very kind gesture.


• Thank you for the sweet little baby socks. These shall come in handy to cover the baby’s little feet with style. Thanks again!

Stair gate (see doorway gate and/or safety items)

• Thank you so much for the wonderful stair gate! We so needed this and now we can sleep soundly knowing we have one. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness!


• What a wonderful storybook! Thank you for sharing one of your favorite books with the baby. It’s such a thoughtful, personal gift. We shall read it to frequently. Thanks again.


• Thank you so much for the baby stroller gift. We shall enjoy many walks with this great carriage. Thanks again for thinking of us and the baby. We can’t thank you enough.

Stuffed animals

• What cute stuffed animals! What’s a childhood without stuffed animals? We so appreciate these fun stuffed animals which you gave us for the baby. We shall cherish them for a long time to come. Thanks again.

swing / baby swing

• We’d like to extend our thanks to you for the fantastic baby swing gift. This will be a godsend when the baby is over-tired or when wants to have a bit of fun. Thank you for thinking of it. It’s greatly appreciated.

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