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Below find baby gift thank you cards and wording for gifts beginning with the letter "N." For an alphabetized listing for all baby shower gift thank yous A-to-Z visit that page. PLUS, you can find original poems, handy phrases and all kinds of other helpful articles at our Baby Gift Thank You Headquarters page.

Thank You Card Wording
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Nightgown (for Mom)

• Thank you for the gorgeous nightgown you gave me at the baby shower. It's not only attractive, but comfortable as well. It will help me get some much-needed sleep before the baby arrives. (That is if the hubby doesn't find me too attractive and it. LOL) you fantastic taste. Thanks again.

Nightgown (for baby)

• The nightgown he gave me for the baby is absolutely adorable. She'll be cute as a button wearing it. I'll have to take a picture and send it to you. Thanks again.

Nursing Wear

• Thank you for the nursing wear gift. Your gift means a great deal and will be certainly well utilized in feedings with Baby . Thanks again!

Nursing bras

• Thank you so for the nursing brassieres. This gift is not something every Mom can definitely use! Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated.

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Cute Thank You Cards and Gifts

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