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I received an interesting baby gift thank you request that spawned the idea for this page.

It turns out our new Mom's gift recorder at the baby shower did not do a particularly thorough job. As a result, our new Mom was left to write thank notes for unknown gifts.

Below you'll find a few ideas for thank you notes for unknown gifts.

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Ideas for Writing Thanks for an Unknown Gift

There are a few ways to address this issue without admitting you have forgotten which gift came from your guest. One way is to use a thank you quote or poem plus an added line or two from you.

Example 1 Here's an example using a poem you write the poem in the card:

I wanted to say thank you.
Daddy says thank you, too.
Baby will say thanks I'm sure
right around when he/she turns two.

and then add:

Thank you not only coming to the shower, but for bringing such a wonderful gift. It was that much more of a special occasion, because you were there.

You can do the same thing with a quote.

Example 2 You can also use this as wording for a quick note:

Thank you for your joyous presence and your most generous present. Your friendship and loving wishes for our growing family is the gift I cherish most. Thank you!

Final Option :) There is always the option of asking your gift recorder to call the guest and say confess she neglected to record the proper gift, too.

Good luck to you and congratulations on your new baby!

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