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Thank You Notes for Baby Gifts

Previous baby shower thank yous

Cake, baby shower cake

• Words cannot express how thankful we are to you for that wonderful baby shower cake! It really took our breath away. Thank you so much for that wonderful gesture. It will remain with us always.

car seat

and I are so very thankful to you for the fabulous car seat gift. We are so very happy to know that our baby will have such a wonderful seat to keep (him/her) safe while in the car. Thanks so much for this wonderful gift. It really has touched us deeply.

car seat and stroller system

• We’d like to express our thanks to you for the extraordinary car seat and stroller set you gifted to us for the baby. It really means so much to us that words don’t quite sum up what we are feeling. We shall hold your gesture in our hearts for many years to come. Thanks again.


• Thank you for the sweet baby carrier gift for our lil bundle of joy! We are so thrilled with it, and look forward to using it daily. Thanks again!

Changing Pads

• Thanks so much for the much-needed changing pads. We’ll certainly be using them on a daily basis, and so appreciate this thoughtful, practical gift. Thanks again.


• We wanted to send you a few words to thank you for the sweet clock for the baby’s room. Now we’ll know what time it is at all times! We’re so very appreciative of this very gracious gift. When we gaze upon it, we shall think of you fondly.


• Such precious little clothes! Thank you so much for the adorable baby outfit gifts. We can’t wait to see them on, and we’ll be sure to send you a picture soon of the baby in one! Thank you so much – your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

Crib / crib set 

and I would like to thank you so much for the divine crib gift. We are so very grateful and we can’t express to you enough how much this means to us. You shall always be thought of fondly whenever we place Baby in it. Thanks again.

Curl box, First

• What a precious gift! Thank you so much for the first curl box gift. This gift shall be held close to our heart for many years to come, and we have you to thank for being able to save such a sentimental memento. Thank you again!

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Baby Shower Thank You Cards

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