Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Find everything you need for your baby shower thank you cards with our alphabetized baby a-to-z directory of thank you card wording. Below you'll find the continuation of our A-to-Z listings for the letter for the letter "O."

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Plus you can find other helpful pages that include original poems, tons of pages of cards to look through, handy articles and more on our baby gift thank you headquarters page.

Baby Thank You Notes
Gifts Starting with "O"

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• Thank you for the adorable onesies. The (insert color, design, giraffe, stripes) is/are so cute. The baby will love it! Thanks so much for thinking of us.


• Thank you for the delightful, little outfits for the baby! We are overwhelmed by their cuteness and we can’t wait to try it on ! We shall surely get a ton of pictures out of these outfits. Thanks again.

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• Thank you for thinking of the baby’s safety! Your gift will be put to good use. Thanks again.

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