Baby Shower Thank You Gifts

Here are some top baby shower thank you gifts for both hosts and guests. Need to say thank you to the hostess of your baby shower or guests?

Check out these best buys on shower thank you gifts. Need a note to go with your gift?

You can find it on the thank you note baby gift page here.

Thank You Gifts for Your Hostess

One great thank you gift is this ,which is only $8.95* including custom engraving.

It's not only elegant, but incredibly affordable. Great as a gift for every guest, too.

Jewelery is always a hit.

The Locket Of Love Photo Heart Necklace on the right is only $26.95*.

Another gorgeous option is this
God's Heart Silver & Gold Bracelet (below) at only $22.35* including custom initial engraving.

It makes a thoughtful gift for your spiritual friends and family.

Need to write a thank you note to go with your thank you gift?

Check out this baby shower host thank you page.

Shower Thank You Gifts for Shower Guests

Want to say thank you to your guests for coming to your baby shower? Or say thanks to the ladies in your office for chipping in on that incredible stroller or crib?

You can afford a thank you gift for everyone with these great buys like this (left) which is only $3.97*.

Or you can try something a little more traditional that everyone will enjoy like this .

Each gift tag can be personalized and the candles come in four delicious scents: belladonna, jasmine & tea leaf, pomegranate and sugar cookie. Each adorable jar is only $2.39*.

Personalized Soap Baby Favors - Heart come in hearts and circles and eight color options and customizable messages and you can even include a graphic. Plus the soaps come in four fresh scents or even fragrance free. They're only $5.75*.

*Prices may change, but I really try hard to keep them current.

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