Baby Shower Thank You Notes

Finishing your baby shower thank you notes is a snap with these ready-to-copy samples and examples. The listing is alphabetized by gift for ease of use.

Below you will find notes for gifts beginning with the letters Q & R. For the complete Baby Thank You A-to-Z index visit that page.

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Baby Shower Thank You
Notes Q&R

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• What a gorgeous quilt! We absolutely adore it. Thank you so much for thinking of us and the baby with this very lovely gift. 



• We absolutely adore these rattles! Thank you so much for picking out a gift that is so much fun, and will surely keep the baby distracted when needed. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

receiving blankets

• We’d like to thank you for these handy receiving blankets. They are just what we needed for the baby. Thanks so much for a much-needed gift!

Record Book (see baby book)

• Thank you so much for the baby record book. I’m sure we’ll fill this book up in no time with pictures of lil . This was such a thoughtful gift and we’re so very grateful. Thanks again for thinking of us!


Thanks so much for the sweet little robe. The baby shall appreciate this so much after bath time! We so appreciate your so very kind gesture. Thanks again.

rocker, baby

• Thank you for the fun rocker for the baby. Not only will this keep baby busy but it’ll be a great way for to get a little exercise. Thanks so much for this thoughtful gift.

rocking chair

• Just what we needed! Thank you so much for your oh-so-thoughtful rocking chair gift. This will certainly be a well-used fixture in our home, and we really are so appreciative of this fantastic gift. Thanks again!

rocking horse

• We’d like to thank you for the timeless rocking horse gift for the baby. We so adore it and know that the baby will too for many years to come. Thanks again for your generosity.

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