Writing Your Baby Shower
Thank You Notes

At times the sheer labor (pardon the pun) of mailing and writing all of your baby shower thank you notes, can be overwhelming.

However, there's no need to worry about your baby shower thank you notes.

Follow these tips on these pages and in the article below, and you'll feel be spreading joy and gratitude in no time.

Congratulations on your growing family!

Baby Shower Thank You
Card Wording Ideas & Tips

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Use one of these original baby shower thank you poems for your thank yous.

Top 10 Most Requested Baby Gift Thank Card Wording from the Survey Below

Brand New! Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Who gets a note and who does not?

Ideally, everybody would get a handwritten thank your for their baby gift. However, if you just don’t have the time for everybody this gives you a polite dividing line as to who gets baby shower thank you notes and who does not.

First, send out the cards to people who sent gifts, but were not present when the gift was opened. Then, if you have time, send baby shower thank you notes to people who live far away.

Everybody expects one of those baby shower thank you notes , however, there is a loophole.

Formal etiquette for gift thank you notes is that a card is not required in cases where the giver was present for the opening of the gift and received an "in person" thank you.

Six Steps to Complete Your Baby Shower Thank You Notes the Easy Way

Writing and sending baby shower thank you notes may seem time consuming. Do what every new mom should do—Take it easy! Here’s how to finish your thank you cards without setting aside an entire afternoon or day. What Mom or Mom-to-Be has that much free time?

    1) Address and put postage on all the envelopes in advance. (see above)

    2) On the flipside of each gift tag, write a nice comment about the gift. If you threw away all the tags, you can just put a note in each envelope saying who sent what and something nice about it. (ex. Carol-stork diaper basket-cute sailor hat on stork) This insures you do not have to waste time looking up the correct spelling of the giver’s name or struggle to remember who gave you what.

    3) Place the labeled gift tags or notes in corresponding envelopes.

    4) Print out this thank you note template found here or copy these samples of baby shower thank you notes (Here are some fill-in-the-blank gift and thanks for coming sample notes for you to use, too.)

    5) Carry a few envelopes and blank cards with you. When you are waiting at that next doctor’s appointment, fill out a few. Other good times to do this include, waiting for food at a restaurant, in between cycles of laundry, when you can’t sleep, and during commercials (instead of holding the fast forward button on the Tivo). The great thing about doing a few or just one at a time is that it keeps your handwriting neat.

    6)Do not wait to mail your baby shower thank you cards or notes from home all at once. Just put them in the mail. This way you will “have to” hurry up and finish the rest soon, and your stack will be smaller. If you opt to delegate this task, insure it is somebody you can rely on.

You Deserve Help Future Mom - Delegate!

When somebody asks you, “Is there anything I can do?” You say, “Yes.” Even if no one has specifically offered to help, ASK. If one task is too much, then delegate that task to a couple of people.

Assemble a team of your biggest fans. Everybody wants to help out the most important person in the word—and that’s YOU expectant Mom.

Have friends or family members help you by doing ALL or a portion of the following:

    1) You’ll need stamps. Send someone to get them or better yet

    2) If you haven't purchased baby shower thank you notes or some cute stationary sets, send someone on Team Mom to pick out and purchase them for you. Or save even more time and money by printing out American Greeting cards from your computer. (A whole month is free with this special American Greeting Cards link! )

    3) Assemble a list of current addresses via group E-mail or calling people over the phone.

    4) Address the baby shower thank you card envelopes. Once again, if you get somebody else to do number four for you or with you, there’s a shot that when the person comes over to give you the list you can do the coffee thing again and have her help you.

    5) Put the stamps on the envelopes. Heck, if the person who drops off the stamps, comes in for coffee. Ta-dah! Perfect coffee-time task.

    Bonus delegation tip--Make DAD be in charge of writing the thank you notes, and the two of you sign them. Convenient explanations: My knuckles are sore and swollen. He wants to be an active Daddy.

Be A Baby Thank You Note
Worry Free Mom

Let your friends and family see what an appreciative and kind mom you truly are.

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