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Baby shower thank you notes easily arranged alphabetically from A to Z.

Below you'll find notes for gifts for the letter of "T." For a complete index of baby gift thank you notes visit that page.

You can also get thank you poems for baby gifts on this page.

Notes for Baby Gift's for "T"

Teddy Bear (see also stuffed animal)

• What a beautiful teddy bear! What’s a childhood without a teddy bear? We so appreciate the gorgeous teddy bear you gave us for the baby. We shall all cherish it for many years to come. Thanks again.


• Tents are such fun! Thank you for your gift which will sure inspire the baby to explore and pretend. We so appreciate your kind gesture. Thanks again.


• Thank you for the sweet little teether. This will surely come in handy with the baby and will greatly appreciate it as much as we do now. Thanks again!


• Thank you for the thermometer gift. We hope we won’t have to use but know we probably will. It’s nice to have such a gift around in such an event. Thanks for thinking of us and the baby.
Towel / hooded towel

• The hooded towel is so cute! Thank you for this very thoughtful gift that will surely keep Baby warm after bath time. It’s so greatly appreciated.


• Such wonderful toys! Thank you so much for your gifts. They will not only put smiles on Baby ’s face for many hours on end, but they add such a wonderful touch to room. Thanks again for thinking of us!

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