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Baby Gift Thank You Notes
B's Part 2

Baby gift thank You Part One

Baby Book / Brag book / Record Book

• Thank you so much for the baby brag book. I’m sure we’ll fill this book up in no time with pictures of lil . This was such a thoughtful gift and we’re so very grateful. Thanks again for thinking of us!


• We wanted to send you our warmest thanks for the set of bottles you gifted us for Baby . These bottles will surely be put into action right away! It was very kind of you to think of us during this very special time. Thanks again.


• Thanks so much for the handsome bedding set you gifted us for the baby’s room. They really are stunning and we can’t wait to use them! Your thoughtfulness and great taste is so greatly appreciated.

booster chair

• We’d like to extend our warmest thanks to you for the booster chair for our new lil one. This gift will certainly become part of our daily routine, and we’re so appreciative to have one as nice as this. Thanks for thinking of us.


• Such precious little booties! Thank you so much for these adorable booties! Not only will we be sure to put them to good use, but we’ll keep them as a special memento of this wonderful time in our lives. We shall look upon them fondly always.

baby bouncer

• Thank you so much for this wonderful baby bouncer! It will certainly entertain our lil bundle of joy and bring smiles to our faces as well. This gift was just what we were hoping for and you hit it right on the button. Thanks so much for thinking of us. We greatly appreciate it.

Bottle sterilizer

• What a godsend! Thank you so much for the bottle sterilizer. As you know, this will surely come in handy and it will be put to good use right away. We greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness and will always look upon it fondly.

Bottle warmers

• Thank you so much for the bottle warmers. We so appreciate this very practical gift that we needed so dearly. Baby will surely appreciate it during those night-time feedings. Thanks again for thinking of us.

Bracelet (for baby)

• What a beautiful baby bracelet! and I would like to extend our warmest thanks for the precious piece of jewelry for Baby . It’s really special and we shall cherish it always. Thanks again.

Breast pump

• Thank you so much for this much-needed breast pump. This was such a generous gift we are still blown away by your thoughtfulness and generosity. Baby will certainly benefit from this wonderful gift ten-fold. Thanks again.

brush and comb

• We wanted to send you a few words to thank you for the precious brush and comb gift set for our sweet lil baby. It was such a thoughtful gesture and we will use it with fond thoughts of you.

burp cloths / burp rag

• Thank you so much for the handy burp clothes (or burp rag) for our new bundle of joy. It will certainly come in handy. Thanks again.

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