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For baby

• What a beautiful baby ! and I would like to extend our warmest thanks for the precious piece of jewelry for Baby . It’s really special and we shall cherish it always. Thanks again!

For Mommy

What a special gift! Thank you so much for the oh-so-beautiful piece of jewelry you sent to me personally. Words cannot express what this means to me. I shall cherish it for many, many years and look upon this fondly with memories of you and your generosity.

Jogging stroller 

• Thank you for the jogging stroller! What a wonderful surprise indeed. Now, I can take a proactive step toward fitness WITH my baby. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated. Thanks again!


No baby thank you gift notes currently for K.


• Thank you so much for the fabulous baby lotion gift set. It was very much appreciated, and it smells wonderful. Thanks for thinking of us.


Massage oil

• Thank you for the baby massage oil. This will certainly soothe our lil' one and come in handy! Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

Maternity Clothes

• What fantastic maternity clothes! Thank you for taking the time to pick out some fabulous maternity picks. I really can’t express enough how much this means to me. They will surely come in handy very soon. Thanks again!

mattress pad

• This was so needed! Thank you for the thoughtful mattress pad gift. We will put this to good use, and we’re sure the baby will greatly appreciate it as well. Thanks again.

mattress pad covers

• What a nice gift! These shall surely come in handy and save us wear-and-tear on the baby’s mattress. Thanks so much for being so thoughtful.

Memory book (see also baby thank you for albums and scrapbook)

• Thank you for the very special memory book. Your gift will remain with us for many years to come. Thanks again.


• Thank you for the fun mobile! It is sure to keep the baby amused for hours. Just like the gift, you are both thoughtful and fun. Thanks again.

money  (general baby thank you)

• Thank you for your generous gift. Your gift has been set aside to buy something truly special for baby (insert name). You are a kind and generous friend. Thanks again.

money (for christening)

• Thank you for your generous christening gift. Your gift is being put toward (redecorating the baby room, set aside for college, or being saved for baby insert name's future.) Your blessings and generosity are truly appreciated. Thanks again.

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