Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas
Say Thank You with these Company Christmas Gifts

These cheap Christmas gift ideas make it easy to get a gift for everyone in your office or department. Whether you have $50 for ten gifts or $40 for forty gifts, you will be able to share the holiday fun without breaking your budget. Here are some ideas that are easy to do and festive, too. Plus, I have posted some great little deals I found online at the bottom of the page. Shop away!

1) Holiday cookies - This is a standard, but you can do in several ways. You can make a giant batch for the break room and give out holiday cards featuring the recipe in the card. Or separate them into individual batches and include a card. For those in your office with dietary concerns, simply substitute a candle from the dollar store. And speaking of dollar store...

2) Coffee mugs and candy are perfect cheap Christmas gift ideas. Go to the dollar store and pick up the coffee mugs, buy a big bag of Hershey's kisses and assorted mini candies at Target (or small packets of trail mix or a mini-bag of coffee or tea for those with dietary concerns), and fill them. You can easily make 15 full mugs for under 30 dollars--especially if you buy the candy when it goes on sale after Halloween. Add some candy canes and ribbon to give it that holiday season look.

3) Give good luck! Add a little fun to your Christmas cards by including a scratch off lottery ticket and candy cane. This is particularly fun if you want to give a gift to everyone and have a large office and an easy last minute Christmas gift. Just a quick trip to the 24-hour convenience store.

4) Fast food. Okay, this one seems weird, but it's been such a hit. A friend of mine brought $.99 cent cheeseburgers to a potluck party and it gave me the idea. It works with tacos, too. Just order call up the fast food place the day before. Place the order for lunchtime, and carry them in on a big platter to the office. Make a big sign that says merry Christmas and for$20-$40 bucks, you're an office hit! Everyone is so completely sugared-out from all the office goodies they totally go for it.

6) Holiday chocolate bars! Buy candy bars in bulk and dress them up with holiday candy bar wrappers. Make your own or buy them. 7) Home made calendars featuring snap shots from the office. This idea is from my sister. Her office had a charity auction of gifts. Her office calendar featuring her co-workers was one of the top bidding. You can find companies online to bind them or go to Kinko’s. This works best for the White Elephant gift, but you can get a deal on the printing if you make your calendars in quantity. Plus, if your office has some nifty supplies, you may be able to make them very cheaply on your own.

This is only $2.39.
8) Wedding Favors! Remember all those adorable wedding and party favors? They are so cute and available in bulk and make great inexpensive Christmas gifts. You would be amazed at the selection and quality of these items. Many companies let you buy in small quantities on the under $2 items and some of the more expensive items (like $7) can even be bought in quantities of one. You would be surprised at what really cool stuff is available.

I hope these cheap Christmas gift ideas inspired you to save money. Now, put on your Santa hat and spread some Christmas cheer around the office.

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