Cheap Mothers Day Flowers

Get cheap Mothers Day flowers without looking cheap. Check out these awesome flowers to send for Mothers Day and use the guide below to the meaning of different flower colors. You'll find everything you need to make sure your flowers are sending the best message to your favorite Mom.

Flowers for Mothers Day
Quick Color Guide

Red flowers send a very passionate and powerful message. Red blooms represent strength, courage and beauty and a very passionate love. Great gift for your lover who happens to also be a very sexy hot Mamma.

Pink flowers such as pink garden roses convey innocence, joy, and youth and inspire thoughts of happiness, gentility, and grace. If the Mom you're shopping for is young or young at heart, you can't go wrong with pink flowers.

Purple flowers represent success, pride and dignity. Many people associate the color purple with the pomp and circumstance of ceremony and royalty. Purple flowers also represent accomplishment and admiration.

Lavender flowers represent feminine beauty, grace, and elegance. you can't go wrong with these flowers. An elegant choice for every Mom.

White flowers such as lillies or white roses, have a simple beauty and elegance with a hint of modesty. Perfect for your beautiful Mom that says you care without worries of being ostentatious.

Yellow flowers such as daffodils and chrysanthemums elicit feelings of lightheartedness and joy. They represent friendship, new beginnings and happiness. Perfect for a Mom who is also your BFF.

Blue flowers such as hydrangea or irises are said to represent peace, serenity, openness and can calm worries. If you're Mom is under a lot of stress or always on the go, perhaps your Mothers Day flower bouquets will contain some blue flowers.

Orange flowers evoke vibrance and enthusiasm. They convey satisfaction, confidence and a passion for life. Perfect for a business associate or Mother in Law.

Green flowers aren't always thought of outside of St. Patrick's day, but they beautiful and a great addition to your Mothers Day flowers. They represent renewal and optimism. Perfect for a single Mom, close friend, or a friend who has a flair for loving the unusual.

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