Christmas and Holidays!
Little Gifts to Say Thank You

Christmas inexpensive gifts? Sure thing. Here are some of the best buys. For some ideas on other cheap Christmas gift ideas visit that page.

Many times in office situations it's difficult to know whether or not to send a Christmas gift, but this is the time of year to show your appreciation for your fellow man!

Thank You is the Perfect Holiday Greeting!

No matter what spiritual or religious background a friend, family member, co-worker or neighbor may have, everyone enjoys a thank you message! Get more thank you holiday and Christmas thank you notes here.

And now here are some of our top picks for inexpensive Christmas gifts. Some of these use the clever tips from our Cheap Christmas gifts article. :)

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Under $2

This cute little fan over to the right is only, $1.99. Isn't that amazing! Other awesome gifts under two dollars to check out:

Under $5

This adorable little plant is only $2.97 and is a perfect emergency gift or gift for a co-worker.

Many people use it as a wedding favor gift, but it works even better for the holidays!

You can even personalize it to say thanks, happy, joy, peace or noel for a more holiday-themed gift.

Other under $5 gifts, that work great is this
that's less than $4 and this

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