Creative Thank You Cards

Creative thank you cards are everywhere, but I particularly enjoyed this "Tea Bag Thank You Card."

I am so excited that from Kristi (right) at Sunny Pond shared this idea with us. Check out her other fantastic crafts on her blog.

This creative thank you is fantastic for tea lovers and tea-themed events such as bridal showers, luncheons, or kid's tea parties (like the one pictured here).

How to Make This Adorable
Tea Bag Thank You Card

Materials You Will Need:

• Decorative paper (12"x6" piece of paper per packet)
• Extra paper to construct a template for tea bag packet
• String (Size 5 white DMC Cotton Perle is used here)
• Stationery or paper for your note
• Small, printed tags (or you can make your own)
• Stapler
• Glue of your choice such as rubber cement

Step One: Making Your Template

To make your creative thank you cards teabag template, use the measurements in the drawing below. With the straight edge of your ruler draw the lines.

If you follow the basic dimensions of this template, you can easily scale the size for smaller or larger cards.

After drawing out your template, simply cut it out.

Step 2: Outlining and Cutting Your Card

Trace your template on the blank side of your decorative paper.

Note: This will be the inside of the tea bag so it won't be seen.

Then, set your template aside for your next tea bag.

Next, simply cut along your traced outlined.

Step 3: Folding your tea bag packet

First fold the bottom rectangular flap up with decorative side of paper on the outside.

Note: In the instructional drawing on the right, the plain, white-paper template is being used instead of decorative paper for visual ease.

Next, fold side flaps to get a nice, crisp crease. Then, unfold them to and apply glue to their insides before folding back down. Set under a heavy book until glue sets.

Step 4: Write, or help your child write, a thank you to each party guest.

While your tea packet is drying feel free to help your child construct his or her thank you notes to each of the guests. For more simple kids thank you note ideas visit this page and for help with other thank you notes for grown-ups visit this page.

Step 5: Staple string.

Staple your string to both you handwritten thank you, and the others side is stapled to the tag. You can create your own tag using standard computer paper and graphics program (like the one pictured, which has a teapot and the words thank you on it) or by using stamps, stencils, or a free hand drawing .

Step 6: Slip the thank you note into the tea bag.

Slip your thank you note into the packet making sure to leave the tag hang out for the cute, tea effect.

There you have it. Submit your creative thank you cards and card making ideas by visiting the form at the bottom of our card making ideas page.

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