Donation Thank You Letter Tips

A donation thank you letter not only allows you to deepen your relationship with your donors, the note can serve as a receipt to you donors for their income tax.

There are also examples here if you are looking for a note to say a thank you for a donation given in your honor.

Here are a few quick tips for writing your fund raising thank you letters:

1) Use the donor's name instead of a generic salutation.

2) Use concrete examples of how the donations are used and how they help make a difference in the lives of the people who the charity serves.

3) Insert the date the exact amount and date the donation is served.

4) Mail your thank you letter right away.

5) Never ask for another donation in the donation thank you note. Keep the thank you letter focused on thanks only.

Sample Thank You Letter
for Donations

Dear (insert first or full name),

Thank you for your generation of $(insert exact amount) to Your Organization's Name. Your contribution makes it possible for us to (insert how donations are used. Ex. buy books for children in need.)

(optional extra paragraph) Your generous gift will allow us to (insert additional paragraph regarding special plans for goals your organization has for projects slated for this year)

If goods or services were exchanged for the donation use this line as the first line of the next paragraph:
The estimated monetary value of the services (or goods) provided in exchange for your donation was $(insert amount).

If no goods or services were provided use this as the first line of the next paragraph):

No services or goods were provided in exchange for or in connection with this donation.

Then finish the paragraph with this:

You can keep this letter as a written proof of your donation for your tax records.

Thanks again for your generous gift.

Insert your signature
Insert Your typed Name
Insert Your Title

Insert your charitable organization's name here and state that it is a non-profit organization, its IRS code and classification.

Sample Note to Say Thanks for Contribution Made in Your Honor

• Thank you for generously donating to (insert name of cause) in my honor. It is truly a gift to have generous friends like yourself. Knowing that a good deed has been done is always good for the heart, but have it done so selflessly touches my heart even more. Thanks again for your wonderful gift.

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