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An email thank you card is a great way to send an unexpected thank you to someone for:

• A small favor
• A fun evening
• To spontaneously say thank you for being a great friend.
• Thank a colleague for advice.

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When and When Not
to Do It

Saying thank you and showing gratitude is a great way to attract appreciation and love into your life.

Here are some creative occasions to share your gratitude with a card. An Email thank you is not best for every situation (see below) but it's a great way to let people know you're thinking of them and grateful for them:

    • To say thank you for great advice.
    • Thank you for giving me a ride.
    • Thanks for being a friend.
    • Thanks for loaning money. (small amounts)
    • Thank you for a fun night out.
    • Thanks for cheering you up one day.
    • Thank you for loaning a book, scarf or other small item.

Before you send an email thank you card, here is some advice. Firstly, you can never say thank you wrong. So whether you send a paper thank you greeting card, write a thank you letter in your own handwriting or put send an e-card saying thanks is always a good idea.

Having said that, there are certain occasions where it makes a greater impression (and some may be offended if you do not take the time) to write a note by hand. If you know the person really well and your are SURE they would prefer the E-mail thank you then by all means send an ecard.

It is best not to send an Email thank you on these occasions. Don't worry. It's easy with the thank you wording ideas on this site:

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