Ready to Use First Communion Thank You Poems for Your Cards and Notes

I will be writing even more First Communion Thank You Poems for you soon. These poems can also be used for baptisms. For samples of thank you note wording for godparents click here.

Wait! Are you a poet? Share your thank you poetry with the visitors to this site (over 5,000 daily). Let the world enjoy your talent and gratitude! Use the poems below as a guide if it helps. I'm sure you can write some that are even better!

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Thank you for sharing your wishes,
your happy face and loving smile
when you came to celebrate this day
with us and our blessed child.


New poem!
Thanks for coming to this first communion.
Thanks for the good tidings that you shared.
We will always remember this blessed day
and be grateful to God that you were there.


New poem!
It was a blessed day for our whole family
made that more special, because you were there.
Thank you for the lovely gift
you will be in our prayers.


I'll have additional examples of First Communion Thank You Poems for thank you notes and cards and other Poems to Say Thank You coming soon.

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