Free Thank You Letter Samples
to Say Thanks for Money

Copy any of these free thank you letter samples to say thank you for cash gifts. Whether its thank you note for a friendly loan, wedding gift, baby gift, communion gift, birthday money, graduation money etc. sending a thank you note is a great way to show your appreciation.

Here are a few tips to writing your own notes and some ready to copy samples. These free thank you notes will definitely come in handy. Never be at a loss for words.

Tips for for Money, Cash Gifts
& Gift Certificates Thank Yous

• Never mention the amount of money. Use the words "your generous gift" or "generous present."
• Always say what you will use the gift for or you can say that you are saving his or her gift until you can think of something special to spend it on.
• Send your note within two weeks of receiving your gift.
• Put your note in the mail and not Email.
• Hand write your note.

Copy These Your Free
Thank You Note Examples

No downloading, Email or eBook purchase required. Just go to the page for the note you need or use the search below to get your free thank you note. Many examples to choose from.

• Birthday Thank You
• Graduation Thank You for the Money Notes

• Wedding Thank You
• Baby Shower thank you for the Money
• Thanks for the Money after a Funeral
• Thank you for the Loan


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