Funeral Thank You Notes to Say
Thank You for Money

Do you want to send funeral thank you notes to the kind friends and relatives who sent you money in your time of need?

Use the notes below to show your gratitude to say thank you for money.

You can find even more funeral thank you letters to say thanks to pallbearers, family members, priests, hospice staff, and funeral guests.

It is difficult to find the words while you're grieving. I hope these sample letters and notes on this site help you.

Thank You For the Money Notes

General Money Gift

• Thank you for your generous gift to hope us through the hard times following Dad's death. Your assistance has helped alleviate the pressure of so many mounting bills. Your help and support has meant so much to us all words cannot express our gratitude for you enough. Your generosity will be remembered always. Thanks again.

Funeral thank you to say thank you for money given to assist with funeral services

• Thank you for your generous gift. We used it to help pay for the services. Your friendship, support and incredible kindness has been a tremendous blessing during these difficult time. Our gratitude for you is unending. Thank you.

To say thank you for paying for funeral services in full

• Thank you for so generously taking care of the funeral services. Your generosity and kindness brings tears to my eyes. The services were absolutely beautiful. Your friendship and support is truly a blessing. Words cannot express my feelings of gratefulness. Thank you.

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