Gift Baskets Thank You

Your gift baskets thank you card wording is below. If you're looking to SEND a gift basket to say thank you, you can find great thank you gift baskets deals here, and short wording for your card here!

With unique ideas for making your own thank you gift baskets to wording for the cards, is excited to help you share your gratitude with the world!

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Thank You Card Wording
to Say Thanks for a Gift Basket

Card Wording to Say Thank You for a Fruit Basket

• Thank you so much for the generous gift basket. It looks so scrumptious and I can’t wait to dig in. Thanks again!

Thank You Note for Gourmet Wine and Cheese Basket

• Thank you kindly for the gourmet wine and cheese gift. This fine gift is so very much appreciated. Thanks again.

If Your Received a Gift Basket of Chocolates

• Thank you for the scrumptious chocolate gift. I shall think of you fondly while getting my chocolate fix! Thanks again.

Thank You for the Holiday / Christmas Basket

Thank you so much for the thoughtful Christmas [or holiday] basket. Words cannot express my appreciation for the very generous present. Thanks again.

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