Your Graduation Thank You

Use these graduation thank you note sample to say thank you for your graduation gifts. If you're looking for fantastic graduation thank you cards visit that page. Congratulations on your graduation!

Formal Thank You Note Example for the Money

• Thank you for your generous graduation gift. I'm going to use it to (choose one: for travel this Summer, buy new luggage, for this Fall's tuition, etc). Your support and encouragement throughout the years has made a world of difference. Thanks again.

• Thank you for not only wishing me a happy graduation, but sending such a generous gift as well. I'm going to save it to (insert one: decorate my dorm, buy a plane ticket, etc.). Your support and guidance has made a big difference in my life. Thanks for everything.

Informal Cash Thank You

• Thank you for sending me such a thoughtful and handy gift for graduation. How did you know it's exactly what I wanted? But seriously, I used it to (or am planning to use it) to buy (insert what you're going to or have spent it on). You're my favorite uncle. Thanks again, Uncle Mike.

Do you need to say thank you for a graduation gift? Visit this thank you notes for gifts page and thank you note examples page for more.

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