How much is a postage stamp?
and other sexy postal related questions

Maybe there is not a sexy way to answer question like "How much is a postage stamp?" However, here is a FAQ to help you get started and insure your valuable notes of appreciation (and even bills) are not returned to you.

How much is a postage stamp in the US?

Update! 05/18/08

Letters are $0.42 for 1 oz $0.59 for 2 oz.
Postcards are $0.27 cents and the "non-machinable" surcharge is $.20 cents.

According to the USPS website, since, the May 14, 2007 postage rate increase, the price for current postage stamps here in the states known as "US postage letter rate" is $0.41 (41 cents) for a 1 oz first class letter and $.58 for a 2 oz first class letter.

Note cards or letters that are unusually shaped or “square, rigid or have certain nonmachinable characteristics” are subject to a $0.17 surcharge.

Standard rate postcard postage

According to USPS, First-Class Mail Postcards $0.26 each. Maximum size: 6 inches long by 4-1/4 inches highLarge postcards over 6 inches long by 4-1/4 inches high, $0.41 each.

For more detailed information regarding postage visit the USPS website.

How much is a postage stamp in the UK?

According to the Royal Mail website, first class stamps for letters weighing under 30 grams are £0.34 and 2nd class stamps for letters weighing under 30 grams are £0.24. (Excludes Channel Islands)

For more information regarding UK postage visit the Royal Mail website.

How much is a postage stamp for a letter or postcard in Australia or other places not listed here?

Darn. I don't know, yet. Help me out by sending me a quick note (via the contact/book button on the left), if you can. In the meantime here are some more fascinating address-finding tactics. :)

Zip Code and Address Finding
A Few Links, Tips and Tricks

In my struggling days as a comedian and writer, I had a day job as an investigator at a PI firm. Totally true. It was not as exciting as Veronica Mars or, to use an old school reference, as challenging as Sherlock Holmes or even Columbo, because I worked mostly via telephone and in the intellectual property field (ie trademarks, patents, and other stops in Snoozeville.) My most exciting case involved staking out a peanut vendor downtown. Oh yeah!

But there are a few techniques we used that even regular people who want to send a thank you card without calling to get an address can use.

First for zipcodes here are two links:

USPS Zip Code Finder

Royal Mail Zip Code Finder

For address lookups try these:

Yahoo People Finder

Disclaimer: The following tips are for you to use in sending people thank you notes, cards or other letters of appreciation.

This site assumes no responsibility for uses of any other activity, legal or illegal, or other grey-area stuff. In short, do not stalk somebody or do anything weird.

This part is slightly more sexy than the above, "How much is a postage stamp" section. Here are a few private investigator tips for finding addresses. You can use these methods if you have a person's home phone number: (sometimes it works for cell phones)

• Enter it into with in quotes in this format "(555) 555-1515" . You will surprised how often the address actually pops up.

• Using the links above, click on the reverse lookups and type in the relevant information, ie phone number and/or E-mail address and see if you get lucky.

And the sneakiest way of all.

• If you know which city the person lives in use, or something similar and find out the nearest pizza (or popular chain food delivery place). I cannot mention names, but you may know from your own personal experience that when you call in and give your phone number, if it is on file the clerk will read the address back to you. Use the zip code finders above and Presto! You have a complete address to send a surprise thank you note or gift.

For an easy way to print out postage on your computer for your personal or business use, check out one of my-thank-you-site's favorite (well we only have a few) partners, in the ad above.

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