How To Write A Thank You Letter

Learn everything you need to know regarding how to write a thank you letter for business or personal use. You will also find thank you letter and thank you note samples here along with thank you card wording, thank you card verses, thank you quotes, and other tips.

A thank you letter is generally written on a quality piece of stationery, notelet or you can send a thank you card. Handwriting is preferable for personal correspondence. Visit this FAQ for tips on how to write thank you notes, letters and cards.

The body of all thank you notes and thank you letters can be boiled down to six basic parts:

1) Salutation
2) Thank you for the insert favor, gift, or event
3) Positive sentiment regarding the favor, gift or event.
4) Mention what you'll use the gift for (especially if it was cash)
-Or- Compliment of the sender in a way that ties into #3
5) A second thanks i.e. Thanks again. Thank you once again.
6) Sincerely or other sign off

Create Infinite Variations Based on the Thank You Note Samples on this Site

Create infinite variations to the many free thank you note examples found on this site by varying salutations, sign offs and other parts of the letter.

For infinite wording for thank you notes go here.

Here is a quick list of occasions when a thank you letter or note is required or recommended visit here.

Check out this page on business thank you notes to decide, which you would prefer.

Since business letters are more formal, we will take each of the six parts of how to write a thank you letter for business, in addition to how to address the envelope. Visit the business thank you letter section or this workplace thank you article and workplace thank you note samples pages to find samples of business thank you notes and letters.

Plus, discover the most important tip you can ever learn for writing thank you notes on the this job interview thank you letter page. It applies to ALL thank you letters, and is a tip you cannot afford not to use in business.

There is considerably more room for creativity in learning how to write a thank you letter outside of business. Use these tips and fun ideas for writing thank you cards or use one of these thank you note samples as a guide.

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