Kids Thank You Notes
How to Say Thank You To Grandma, Grandpa and Beyond!

Kids thank you notes are always a crowd pleaser. Nothing warms the heart like an adorable note or card from your grateful child.

Teach your children the joy that gratitude brings with these thank you note samples. Your kids will thank you later, but your relatives will be thankful now.

For saying thank you for special occasions such as a baptism or first communion try these thank you note samples or use one of these,

original thank you poems for communions, baptisms, and christening.

Kids Thank You Notes Project
for the Very Young

Here is a thank you note project to say thank you for a gift or stay at a relative’s house.

Fold a Piece of construction paper in half and on the front using dotted or light pencil strokes outline in big letters the world THANK YOU for your child to trace. Inside have your child draw a picture of them enjoying the present or a picture of their favorite part of the trip or any picture.

Fill in the Blank Fun for Older Kids Thank You Notes

These easy-to-use fill-in-the-blank thank you note samples for your kids will give your children a chance to be themselves without having to worry about what to say or if they are writing the note right.

Suggestions for what to put in the blanks are in parenthesis. (ex. like this)

Thank You Note Sample To Say Thank You for the Visit

• Dear _____________

Thank you for the visit. It was ________ (ex nice, awesome, fun) seeing you. I especially liked ________ (ex. going to Disney World, dinner, playing with Fluffy). I can’t wait to see you ________ (ex. soon, at Christmas, next month, this Summer, etc.) Thank you!


Thank You Note Sample to Say Thank You for the Gift

• Thank you for the _________ (insert gift) you got me for my __________ (ex. birthday). It is really __________(ex. cool) You are really _______(ex. awesome). Thank you.

Kids Thank You Notes - Thanks for the Money

• Thank you for the money for my _________ I bought a ________ with it. You are really ________. Thank you.

• Thank you for the money for my ________. I am saving up to buy a ________ . You are very _________ . Thank you.

Short, Fill-in-the blank kids thank you notes

• Dear __________

• I was so happy to get a _______ for my birthday. Thank you very much.

• I like the _______ you sent me for _______ a lot. Thank you very much.

More Kid Thank You Notes

Thank You for the Money

Dear Auntie Jane,

Thank you for the money for my birthday. Daddy and Mommy say I am saving it for a rainy day. I hope it rains soon. Thank you.


Thank You for the Savings Bond

• Dear Gram and Gramps,

Thank you for the the savings bond. Dad and Mom say it is for my future. I like the future. I love you you both so much. Thank you.

Hugs and Kisses,

• Dear Uncle Bob and Aunt Marie,

Thank you for the birthday gift. Mom and Dad says it for me to go to college. I can't wait to go to college. Then you both can come and visit me there. Thank you.


For birthday gifts

• Thank you for the video game you got me for my birthday. It is my favorite game. I will even let Davie play it sometimes. Uncle Ed you are the coolest. Thanks again.

• Thank you for the birthday present. You picked out exactly what I wanted. I will play with my new baseball glove every day. Thank you.

For being a guest

• Thank you for letting me come and visit. I always have fun when I come to see you. Thank you for taking me to the zoo and letting me play in your pool. Say thank you to Buffy for me, too.

• Thank you for letting me come visit. I had a great time going to Circus World and Bush Gardens. I also liked playing in your pool. Tell Mr. Freckles I said thank you for playing with the ball, too. I hope to see you soon.

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