Get the Perfect Mothers
Day Gift Basket

Get the perfect Mothers Day Gift basket with these great buys below or make your own Mothers Day baskets with the great tips below.

Baskets Make the Best Mothers Day Gifts

Here are some great tips for making the perfect basket.

1) Choose a theme. Some great theme ideas:
• Baking or recipe ingredients.
• Kitchen gadgets.
• Office organizer basket.
• Coffee or Tea
• Chocolate, Gourmet food, or Wine
• Book Lovers
• Picnic Basket
• Movie Basket
2) Find a great basket or base. Great places to find them are $1 stores and flea markets. Don't forget you can also get creative and use theme oriented bases like cake pans, giant coffee mugs, or a school pencil box.

3) Position tall items in the centre, with medium items on the outside, and small ones in between.

4)Make sure the size of the basket matches the size of the bow.

5) Stuff the basket with foam or paper to insure the proper height.

6) Use heat-activated cellophane and a hair dryer. It can be bought at any craft store. It makes your basket look pro!

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