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A sales thank you letter is just what the doctor ordered if you own a store, are in multi-level marketing or have any business where you have a recurring sale.

From cosmetics to cleaning supplies to pet care products and even home appliance and electronics, saying thank you is the key to keeping your customers.

It only takes a few moments, a few words of appreciation and a stamp . Turn a one-time customer into a lifetime customer while showing your appreciation.

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Dear Barbara and John, (or Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

Thank you for choosing Bob's Baby Products when buying your new crib. We know you have many choices for baby products, and appreciate your business. You and your baby mean a lot to us here at Bob's, and you can feel confident that you made the right choice. It was a pleasure to provide you with the high-quality crib you needed. We look forward to serving you and your family again soon. Thanks again.

Bob Fairwell

You can use the note above for many different products. Simply replace the italicized portions with the relevant information.

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Do you know what the difference between writing a good thank you letter and a great thank you letter is? It can be summed up in one word. Read the Power of the Word "You" and other tips for business and interview thank you notes here.

Don't delay your thank you note for a lack of stamps. Click on the envelope and wait a few seconds for the window to open. You'll never be caught short on stamps again. It's really cool.

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