Sample Thank You Note Wording

Six Parts to Sample Thank You Note Letters

You will discover that most sample thank you note wording follows the same basic template.

In general, sample thank you notes can be broken into six parts:
    1) Salutation (Tip use name as printed on the gift or invitation)
    2) Thank you for insert gift, event or favor here
    3) Positive comment regarding what you are thanking them for.
    4) Mention what you'll use the gift for (especially if it was cash)
    -or- Positive mention of the recipient that ties into #3
    5) A second thanks
    6) The Sign Off

Just Added! Ready-to-Copy Thank You Card Wording

Let's look at these parts in action.

Here is a sample of thank you note wording for a birthday gift in a formal style:

    Dear Aunt Sally,

    Thank you for the luxurious, down comforter. It is so soft I can barely wait until night time to go to bed. You always have such great taste and know exactly what to buy me for my birthday. I love it. Thanks again for your thoughtful gift.


To create infinite variations of these
thank you note parts visit this page.

Search for sample thank you notes here.

Here is a thank you note wording sample (informal) for party attendance:

    Dear Mark,

    Thanks for the invite to your Fourth of July bash. It totally rocked. You are an awesome host and throw the greatest parties. Just had to let you know. Thanks again, dude.

    Your friend,

If you do not actually like the gift. Replace the positive phrases with phrases from under the neutral heading of sample thank you not wording here.

For more free samples of thank you notes for special events and other attendance see the funeral , wedding , baby and kid's thank you note buttons or other headings on the navigation bar. Or click here for sample thank you note wording organized by individual person such as coaches, parents, party attendees and more thank you note samples on this page.

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