Scholarship Thank You Letter
Tips and Free Thank You Note Wording Samples

Your scholarship thank you letter is sure to share the gratitude in our heart with these helpful tips and examples. Congratulations on winning a scholarship and your continued education. Knowing that you are the kind of person who remembers to say thank you for the gifts you have received, makes it easy to know that you are sure to be a success in the future.

Quick Tips for Your Scholarship Thank You

1) If you received the scholarship from your college or university, contact your financial aid adviser or the head of your academic department to find out who to send your letters to. If you received your scholarship from a private church or community organization contact the head of the organization.

2) Although most thank you notes, cards and letters are hand written, you can type this letter. Follow the block-style, business format.

3) Send a note to each of the individual donors. If there are too many or there is not a list of individual donors find out who is the chairperson in charge of the scholarship committee and send your letter to that person, but be sure to thank all the donors as a group in your letter.


Free Samples of Your Scholarship Thank You Letter Wording

Sample scholarship thank you to Donor
Insert Date

Your NameFull Address

Donor NameAddress

Dear Insert Name of Scholarship Donor,

Thank you for being a donor to the ______ scholarship. I am honored to be one of the recipients of this tremendous gift. Thanks to your generous support, I am a proud (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) at insert name of college or university.

Growing up in a less privileged community has not only offered financial and academic challenges, but it has more importantly made me realize the value of a college education.

Insert quick sentence or two explaining why the scholarship has meant so much to you and or your family.

Insert quick sentence or two about your plans to further your education and career.

Thanks again for your generosity and support. You have changed my life.

Your Name

Sample #2 Scholarship Thank You to Teacher who Wrote Letter of Recommendation

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