Sending Out Thank You Cards
Be Appreciated by Sending
a Thank You Note or Letter

Everybody knows sending out thank you cards is a nice thing to do, but did you know it will attract more love and appreciation in your life?

Do you want to be loved more?
Appreciated more?

When you show your appreciation, people appreciate you more.

It is that simple. Everybody loves to be valued, and they will love the person who shows how much they value them most of all.

You have heard the old adages: If you want a friend BE a friend. You reap what you sow. It takes money to make money. Do unto others.

They all operate on the same universal ideal: Be what you want to possess.

Do not wait to show your gratitude ...

The biggest problems to getting the love and appreciation you deserve by sending thank you cards are:

    1) Not having the words
    2) Procrastination

Your friends, co-workers, loved ones, relatives, and even bosses are aching to know that you value and care about them. You will be the most popular person in the office, that favorite aunt, and the loving, giving, appreciative person you are in your heart by just sending out thank you cards.

Problem Solved!

Whether you need to send:
    • a sympathy thank you note
    • a baby shower thank you card
    • a wedding thank you
    • a short thank you
    • birthday thank you note
    • or any thank you at all
You will find the perfect thank you wording on this site, ready-to-copy, free of charge.

Procrastination will not be a problem for you either. You will be able to find the perfect card at the perfect price and even have it mailed in virtually seconds ...

Be loved and appreciated more
starting this very minute.

With Greeting Card Universe it is easy to share your warm and giving thoughts and feelings with that special someone.

• Simply click on the moving card display on the left.

• Buy your favorite card from these favorites or choose from their fantastic selection of cards at the great price of only $2.79.

• Enjoy the ease of having them mail it. You can even personalize each and every card when you need to send a lot like to customers at Christmas or to wedding and baby shower guests.

Imagine your loved one, relative, or even business associate reading the wonderful card you sent them and thinking how thoughtful a person you are.

Show the people in your life what a thoughtful and generous person you truly are.

Now that you have completed sending out thank you cards, thank yourself for bringing the gift of gratitude into your life. Keep up the great work!

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