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You and the Sympathy Thank You

Sending a sympathy thank you can feel overwhelming. I, too, have suffered the loss of loved ones. And I will let you in on a secret. I never sent thank you notes after the funeral. It was long before I ever started this site and a lot of the inspiration for starting it.

It is not that I did not appreciate the cards, flowers, and offers of support. It was not that I did not want to show my gratitude. I just could not find the words at the time.

Wording a sympathy thank you can seem overwhelming when dealing with so many emotions. It may seem the last thing you want to write.

And yet sometimes, expressing thanks gives even more to the sender than the receiver. Sending funeral thank you notes after a death can be a healing way to honor those who share your loving memories as well as honoring those who have passed away.

These notes and articles are all free.

There is no charge for any of these condolence thank you letters or notes. I could not dream of asking for anything of you at this time in your life.

For your convenience, I have personally written and assembled several sample letters of sympathy along with funeral etiquette for thank you letters and examples of condolence thank you wording.

You can copy these word for word or just use them as a guide.

Perhaps you will visit again when if you ever need to send thanks for a wedding gift, bonus at work or anniversary thank you. I look forward to having the honor of being of service on a happier occasion as well.

Until then, I hope you find these sample letters of sympathy of use in your time of need.

Due to reader request, I have also included wording ideas and samples for sympathy card wording as well as pages of sympathy and bereavement cards.

Sample Thank You Notes after a Death - Find sample notes and a quick list of who to send thank you cards to and who to not.

More Funeral Thank You Notes - Additional notes including thank you to clergy and spiritual advisers.

Just Added! More Bereavement Thank You Notes - More sample notes you may need. Formal and informal and tips and wording for notes written on behalf of another person in the family.

Just Added! Funeral thank you for money notes

Coming Soon! Sending thank you notes after death
A Guide to Funeral Etiquette for Thank You Notes, Cards and Letters

Coming Soon! Beyond the Bereavement Thank You Note
Articles, essays and links for those who are grieving.

Should you have a desire to thank me, because naturally your generous nature is what brought you to these pages even in your time of need, feel free to recommend this site to a friend or subscribe via the RSS feed in the upper left hand corner.

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