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Looking for thank you card greetings? We have what you need. These are perfect for turning any card into a

thank you greeting card.

Even more help sharing gratitude ...

My Thank You Site truly appreciates and supports your effort in one of the noblest tasks in the world--sharing the joy that saying thank you brings. We made these pages chock full of thank you greetings to help you on every occasion:

Wedding Thank You Greeting Pages

Baby Thank You Greetings

For Writing Sympathy Thank You Cards

All Occasion Thank Card Greetings
Including Birthday, Hospitality and more

Without further ado...
Here are thank you card
greetings for you!

Use these in your cards , letters, ecards , and scrapbook pages or as classy thank you myspace comments.

    • Thank you! May the kindness you so freely give to others be multiplied tenfold in your life.

    • Thanks. You're a lifesaver.

    • Joy shared is joy multiplied. Thank you for coming to my party.

    • Thanks! From the bottom of my heart, you're the tops.

    • Thank you for the helping hand and your open heart.

    • I am forever in your debt. Thank you.

    • Your well wishes are greatly appreciated.

    • Thank you for being you.

    • Amongst the many things I have to be grateful for, having you as a mom (friend, dad, daughter, husband) is at the top.

    • Thank you for being a friend.

    • You are the hostess with the mostest. Thank you for your hospitality.

    • There is no greater pleasure than eating a great meal in such great company. Thank you for the lovely dinner.

    • Thank you for not only remembering my birthday (anniversary, graduation, etc), but sending a gift as well.

    • Your generous gift is greatly appreciated.

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