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Show your gratitude with thank you ecards. Co-workers, bosses, friends, family will know you care and appreciate them with any of these wonderful, free, electronic thank you cards.

There are even free ecards for thank you sympathy needs. (see caveat below)

You will also enjoy the a wide selection free greeting cards for birthdays, baby announcements, get well soon, thinking of you, and even free holiday cards.

A free electronic thank you card is perfect for these occasions:

    • Thanks for a lovely lunch.
    • An unexpected thank you like just thanks for being you.
    • Thanks for the great advice.
    • Thanks for a small favor such as loaning a book or CD.
    • Thanks for switching schedules at work.

Free ecards for thank you may NOT be ideal in these situations:

Exceptions to the aforementioned no Ecard situations.
Send a thank you ecard in the above situations if any of these instances are true:

    • This is a second thank you for the same event such as an additional favor granted after a funeral, and you have already sent a written card.
    • The person LIVES online and prefers online cards.
    • The person would go un-thanked otherwise. If you have trouble putting cards and notes in the mail, check out these lifesaving solution!

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Send one of these animated thank you ecards. You can even use them for thank you MySpace comments.
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Or you can send any free online greeting card. Choose from thousands of online greetings FREE!

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While you're picking up your free eCard, why not send a reply card, too? You can send a thank you for a thank you or send an upcoming event card like Happy Pancake Day (September 25th)

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