Thank You for Money Notes

Use these thank you for money notes to say thanks for a loan. Both large or small.

Do you need thank you card wording to say thanks for monetary gifts given for graduation, birthdays, funerals, wedding or more?

Use these thank you free thank you letter samples.

Free Thank You Letter Samples
for Personal Loans

For larger amounts

• Thank you for your generous loan. You kindness and support will not be forgotten and be repaid promptly. Enclosed is a promissory note to insure your generosity will be paid back even in the face of unforeseen circumstances. Thank you, again.

For large amount without not, but with first repayment

• Thank you for your generous loan. Enclosed you'll find my first installment of repayment. Your help and support is truly appreciated. Thanks again.

Short thank you note to accompany repayment that is not the first

• Thank you for the loan. Enclosed is this month's repayment. Your kindness and support is thought of often. Thanks again.

For smaller amounts with payment

• Thank you for your generous loan that allowed my car to be repaired. Your generosity has been a lifesaver. Enclosed is your repayment (is partial payment). Thanks again.

For smaller amount without payment

• Thank you for the loan to help me pay the rent this month. Your generosity will be repaid as soon as possible. You can have no idea how much your help has meant. Thanks again.

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