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If you've seen the movie, The Secret or read about the Law of Attraction then the value of the thank you note is obvious.

If you want to be appreciated at your job, especially in a financial way, then kick start your karma and show your appreciation for your financial bonuses.

Sending a thank you for the bonus note, not only shows that you are polite, it is a great way to remind your bosses of the incentive and morale effect bonuses have. They'll feel good about giving and that leads to more giving.

Also, for incentive based bonuses that may be generated by accounting using an automated system, writing a note of thanks for the extra cash, lets your boss know that you are once again one of the top performers.

Especially if you are in sales or part of sales team, you cannot write too many thank yous especially for bonuses. It shows the "powers that be" how much you value money and reflects the attention to detail you give your customers.

In addition, it adds to your job security. People, especially bosses, like to feel appreciated. Who would you let go? The employee who does top quality work and appreciates you or the employee who does top quality work who does not appreciate you as much.

If you leave the job, having been appreciative of your employer insures you get a top quality recommendation for your next job or maybe even a bigger counter offer to get you to stay.

Your Gratitude Guarantee

In short, showing your gratitude for bonuses will:

    • Make you money
    • Add to your job security
    • Remind your boss of your great performance
    • Demonstrate your good manners
    • Increase your boss's positive feeling toward you

But the most important benefit to saying thank you for the bonus or saying thank you for any occasion is that you will enjoy your money more. Your happiness and enjoyment for life multiplies with every act of gratitude. Look for reasons to say thank you. You are guaranteed to discover you have more things to be grateful for.

Why You Lose The Thank You Effect When Using E-mail

I love E-mail, but not for thank you for the bonus notes. E-mail is for quick business communications.

Especially in the workplace, E-mail is an item on a To Do list. Yes, so is reading snail mail. But most bosses delegate mail sifting to an assistant.

Your boss only gets the cream of the crop--such as your thank you.

There are also many misunderstandings with E-mail, because it is hard to convey tone.

A well-chosen card or tasteful stationary with a hand-written note has a personal feel that is classic and so often forgotten these days. You are sure to make an indelible impression.

Don't worry about finding a stamp or having the correct postage.

Use These Ready to Copy Thank You for the Bonus Note (for performance based incentives)

• Dear Mr./Ms. (insert name),
Thank you for the bonus. Your integrity and financial commitment to performance-based incentives is greatly appreciated and very motivating. It is a pleasure to work for you. Thanks again.

• Thank you for this quarters' bonus. Your commitment to awarding incentives for quality work makes it that much more of a pleasure to work for you. Thanks again.

Use This Ready To Copy Thank You for the Bonus for Christmas and Holidays

• Dear Mr./Ms.(insert name),

Thank you for the holiday bonus. Your generosity and holiday spirit is very much appreciated. You have made this season that much merrier for my family and me. Thanks again.

Do you want more
thank you notes?

Take the high road when it comes to office politics. By appreciating others, you will discover that you are soon becoming the most appreciated person in your office. Get results with these workplace thank you note samples.

Now that you can see the power and benefits of saying thank you for the bonus, share those two special words in all aspects of your life. Here are some more free thank you note examples for your personal life. Find great tips on when and how to say thank you in the workplace here. Planning on a job interview? Tips and Sample job interview thank you notes are here.

Write your own thank you notes with this template and discover the six basic parts every thank you note or use the words of famous people to say thank you with a quote or use one of these many original poems of thanks.

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