Thank You Gift Baskets

Thank you gift baskets are a great way to show your appreciation.

Here you'll find some of our favorite thank you and gourmet appreciation gift basket choices for you to browse and buy and below you can also learn how to make your own unique gift baskets to say thank you.

Here are some gift baskets for you to check out, and you can scroll down to find the article on what you'll need and how to make your own basket in six simple steps.

Make Your Thank You Gift Baskets in Seven Simple Steps

Things You'll Need

• Tissue paper
• Basket
• Glue
• Skewers
• Tape
• Cellophane shrink bag
• Heat gun
• Ribbons
• Bow

1. Shred tissue paper to serve as filler for thank you gift baskets. Line the basket with the filler to provide a base for the gifts. You will also use the tissue paper to fill spaces around the gifts, which will help keep the gifts in the desired position.

2. Arrange the gifts in a gift basket used as a centerpiece. Place the gifts in the basket so that the tallest gifts are in the center. Arrange additional gifts in order of height so the gifts become shorter as you move towards the edge of the basket. A centerpiece gift basket should present a balanced appearance from all sides.

3. Arrange the gifts in a gift basket used as a presentation piece. Put the smaller gifts at the front with the taller gifts in the back. This method will make the shorter gifts more easily visible. A presentation piece is typically easier to arrange than a centerpiece.

4. Secure the gifts in place once you have selected their final arrangement. This can require various materials such as glue, skewers and tape. Apply glue in small dots, to ensure you use it very sparingly. Skewers are typically made of plastic and used to secure wrapping paper in place. The tape should be double-sided, allowing you to fasten items to each side of the tape. Some gifts that do not stay in place easily may require you to cut a piece of Styrofoam into a socket of the appropriate shape and glue it to the basket. This will allow you to place the gift in the Styrofoam socket.

5. Wrap the gift basket to further secure the gifts in place and protect them from the elements. Cellophane is a common wrapping material for gift baskets, and should have a color that matches the décor of the gift basket.

6. Place a cellophane shrink bag over the gift basket. Pull the opening of the bag below the gift basket and hold it closed. Blow hot air onto the opening of the shrink bag with a heat gun. The plastic around the opening will melt slightly and shrink as it cools, forming a tight seal. Seal the plastic around the handle if your gift basket is so equipped. Apply heat to the rest of the shrink wrap to complete the sealing process.

7. Add finishing touches to the gift basket, such as ribbons and a bow.

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