What to Write in the Card Accompanying a Thank You
Gift for Dentist

Until I started this thank you web site, it never
occurred to me there would be a thank you gift for dentist card page. That’s more of an indicator of my lack of going to the dentist rather than it not being a totally fabulous category of gratitude.

As with the thank you surgeon note and most
thank you letters, handwriting your thank you gift note or card (its kind of fun to type that) on personal stationary or in a tasteful card will reflect the heartfelt gratitude you wish to express.It allows your thank you note, to be brief and powerful. Dentists are busy, too.

Here are a few samples of what to write in the cards to accompany a thank you gift for a dentist. I will be adding a thank you gift section to the site soon. (Subscribe via the RSS feed at the top to stay tuned.)

In the meantime, I have put several ideas for an actual thank you gift for dentist. I love that so many people are interested in these kind of very specific letters. It is a really generous world.

If none of the following samples suit you, you can request a thank you note or use one of these time-tested, classic, thank you quotes.

Ready to Copy Thank You Card Wording
for Your Dentist Gift Card

Just take out the “Please accept …” part of each note if you opt not to send a gift.

Thank You Dentist Note – For cosmetic dentistry

• Dear Dr. (insert name)

Thank you for giving me something to smile about it! Your gentle touch and skillful dentistry is a credit to your profession. Please accept this gift as a token of my appreciation. Thanks again.


Bob Smith

Dentist Thank You - General

• Thank you for your skillful work and affordable payment plan. Your kind staff and well-run office make each visit a pleasure. I will recommend you at every opportunity. Thanks again.

Thank You Gift for Dentist Ideas

Golf Ball Wood Frame - Monogram

Should you choose to send a thank you gift to your dentist, popular gifts include engraved pen sets, gift baskets (see coupon at bottom of page) featuring caviar, gourmet coffees or teas. There is the standard, thank you gift--the fruit basket. Chocolates or sweets may not be the perfect thank you gift for dentist, but on the other hand, they sure have plenty of toothbrushes and floss.

An original thank you gift for dentist idea (particularly those who do cosmetic dentistry) is to send framed before and after photos of your teeth. Let your dentist know he (or she) can use the photos to show other patients or in advertising. Your teeth may well be famous.

You can also custom make a mug, t-shirt, card or other personalized gift via Zazzle. It's cool, and you don't even need a graphics program. I made the cards and stuff scrolling below. You can make your own, too. No graphics program needed.

Look for a personalized gift at Zazzle.

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