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Find thank you messages for your business, to say thank you to our troops, Email messages, text messages, thank you greetings to leave on voice mails and even thanks for calling answering machine messages.

Plus you can find poems and quotes to use as wording for your thank you notes and cards as well.

Examples of Thank You Wording

On this website, you can find hundreds of thank you note samples that you can copy. you can search this site for more specific notes by going here. Here are a few right now:

To say thank you for birthday gift:

Thank you for your lovely gift (insert specific gift). It was very thoughtful of you to remember my birthday, and to pick out something so special. Thanks again.

A sample message for business:

Your referral to the Acme company was greatly appreciated. Their services and products were exactly what we needed. I made sure to let them know that you are the reason we chose them. I hope to return the favor. Thanks again.

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