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Copy these thank you note examples word for word or mix and match from several personal thank you letter samples to create the greatest thank you note of all time. (Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration.)

Other things to use for your thank you card or note are famous quotes , original poems and verses , or make your own note using my thank you note template.

Below, the first notes in each category are formal thank you note examples followed by casual thank you notes.

Update! I have added a listing of even more ready-to-copy personal thank you letter samples and shorter thank you sentiments for your thank you cards.

Free Thank You Note Examples – For Birthday (or other special occasion) Gifts

Casual Thank You Note Examples

• Dear ___________,
Thanks for sending me the ___________. It’s awesome. You totally rock. Thanks again.

• I had to write you an official thank you note for the _______ you sent me for my birthday (graduation, parole party). It was so cool of you to take the time to pick out something so perfect. You are the best! Thanks again, man.


Thank you for the lovely __________. I will think of you every time I use it. Your generosity consistently amazes me. Thanks again.

• Thank you for not only remembering my birthday (or other gift occasion), but also sending such a lovely (thoughtful) gift. Your choice of (insert item) was exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much.

• Thank you for the lovely (beautiful, original, wonderful) gift. It was so thoughtful of you to remember (think of me on) my birthday (anniversary, Mother’s Day, graduation day). Your gift was an unexpected bonus. I love it. Thanks again.

Informal Sample Thank You Note for Gag Gift

• Thanks for the hilarious fake dog poop (adult novelty item, beer-can hat). I will think of you every time I see (use) it. You’re an original. Thanks again.

Formal Thank You Letter Example for Gag Gift – It is much funnier to send a super formal note for a really lame gag gift.

• Dear Mr. (Ms. Miss, Master) Smith,
Thank you for your generous and heartfelt gift of the fake dog poop. (or other novelty item.) Your gift of fake dog poop is a natural reflection of the good taste and manners one would expect of an attendant at such an auspicious occasion as we all enjoyed at Bob’s Barbeque (my studio apartment, backyard, kitchenette). You are a tremendous individual and a credit to humanity. Thank you ever so.
-sign your name but add Esq. or III or The Great

Thank You Note Examples – For Clothing Item

Formal Thank You Note Sample – Clothing

• Thank you for the beautiful sweater (coat, scarf, hat). Your taste is always impeccable. I cannot wait to wear it. (Or I have already set it aside for insert special occasion). Thanks again.

Casual Thank You Note Sample – Clothing

• Thank you for the awesome (cute, stylish, hot) top (dress, pants, skirt). You pick the coolest (hippest, best, most fabulous) clothes. I wish you had picked out my entire wardrobe. Seriously, I love it. Thanks again.

Thank You Note Examples – Thank you letter for contribution to charity in your honor

Having people donate to charity instead of sending you a gift is a bold and classy move. Make sure to reward those who actually do send that check. Here are several examples of the thank you letter for contribution variety. Some are when done at your request and others are when done spontaneously.


• Thank you for your generous donation to ___________ in honor of my/our birthday/anniversary/other special event. It made my birthday that much more of a celebration. You are a generous and thoughtful friend. Thanks again.

• Thank you for donation to _______ in honor of my __________. You have honored me with your generosity and kindness for years. You are a gift to know. Thank you again.

• Thank you for donating to ________ in honor of my birthday (graduation, special event). Knowing that I have a friend so generous and thoughtful is gift in itself. That you have chose to share your generosity with such a worthy cause in my name overwhelms me. Thank you for such a beautiful gift.

Informal (when requested for donations in lieu of a gift.)

• Thanks for donating to ______ in honor of my birthday (graduation, special event). You have always been a thoughtful and generous friend to me. I would not have felt right hogging your generosity on such a happy occasion. Thanks again.


• Thanks for donating to _______. It’s the perfect gift. Not only is it elegant, I didn’t have to worry about returning it for being the wrong size. You’re a real class act. Thanks again.

More donation thank you letters

Thank You Note Examples - For Attendance

The following thank you note examples can be used for attendance of special occasions such as retirement party, wedding, bridal shower, dinner party, holiday party, surprise party, birthday party etc.


• Thank you for coming to my Christmas/birthday/dinner/bridal shower/party/other. Your joyous presence and lively conversation made it that much more of a special occasion. Thanks again.

Casual Wording Example Thank You letter for attendance

• Thanks for coming to my party. It just wouldn’t have been as much fun without you. You know how to get the joint jumping. (You rock, You really know how to party.) Thanks again, dude. (man, sister, chick, baby).

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