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All the thank you note samples you will ever need can be found on this site. Go here for additional personal thank you notes.

Workplace and Office Thank Yous

Your co-workers and bosses will feel more appreciated when you use these thank you note samples. You'll be also very happy to discover that when you appreciate others more you are appreciated more.

Consider gratitude as the ultimate cure for office politics.

Use This Thank You For Help With A Project

• Thank you for your help with the ________ project. Your input and dedication contributed greatly to its success. As always, it was a pleasure working with you. Thanks again.

For Recommendation

• Thanks for your recommendation to (insert name of person who inquired). With your many years of experience and professional integrity, I value and honor your faith in my work. It is a pleasure to work with you. Thanks again.

For trading schedules or shift at the last minute

Attach a roll of lifesavers to your thank you note like this for an original yet inexpensive thank you.

• Thank you for trading shifts with me last night. Even though you said it was not a problem, you still deserve to know that the favor is truly appreciated. You are a life saver. Thanks again.

Saying Thank You for the Bonus

Use these thank you note samples and ready why you cannot afford to miss out on showing your gratitude for bonuses.

Thank You Notes for Gifts

All Purpose

• Thank you for the lovely ________ for my birthday. Your thoughtfulness was an unexpected surprise. I will think of you each time I use it. Thanks again.

Coffee Mug Gift

• Thank you for the cute coffee mug for my birthday. It was so kind of you to not only remember my birthday, but to buy a gift as well. Your generosity will be remembered every time I get a refill! Thanks again.


• Thank you for lovely calendar you gave me at the Christmas party. How did you know my old one was just about to run out? Seriously, it was really nice of you. Thanks again.

Naturally there are more sample thank you notes for gifts and other occasions being added all the time.

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