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Here you will find thank you notes for gifts as well as links to the hundreds of sample thank you letters on this site.

The samples below are for popular gifts one would get for a birthday or holiday.

However, this site has pages dedicated to wedding , bridal showers , baby showers, sympathy thank yous , and co-workers. Plus tips and handy phrases, quotes and sayings to craft your own thank you messages.

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Thank You Note Samples for Gifts

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Small Appliance

• Thank you for the toaster oven (or insert for other appliance) for my birthday (or insert holiday, housewarming, etc). Your thoughtful gift will come in handy almost daily and will give me cause to smile thinking of you each time it is used. Thanks again.

For charitable donation in your honor

Thank you for donating to Habitat for Humanity (or insert other charity) in honor of my birthday (or insert graduation, special event). Knowing that I have a friend so generous and thoughtful is gift in itself. That you have chosen to share your generosity to celebrate this special occasion makes it that much more of a celebration. Thanks again.


• Thank you for the beautiful sweater (coat, scarf, hat). Your taste is always impeccable. I cannot wait to wear it. (Or I have already set it aside for insert special occasion). Thanks again.

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