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Poem to Coaches

Writing a thank you poem to coaches is a heartfelt way to say, "Thank You, Coach." Use one of these poems word for word or as a template for your own poem to include in your coach thank you card.

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Some people like flashy
titles and names.
They like galas and openings
more than practices and games.
There are princes and kings,
but I reserve the most
gratitude and respect,
for the one I call coach.

You taught me determination.
You gave me the skills
to persist in life's game,
and for that I always will
give thanks for you
and look back and boast
that I had the privilege
of calling you coach.

Just added!
For a coach who saw more in me,
More than I thought I could ever be,
Who taught me to discipline
This mind and the body I’m in,
Who raised expectations and dreams,
Beyond just an athlete’s schemes,
Beyond normal endurance,
Beyond myself, and ever since,
I’m a greater man for it,
Because you taught me not to quit.

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