Thank you responses under your disposal :)

by Raja Kamran Mazhar

An observational note on thank you responses :)

( ..after getting a suspicious kind of look)

* Don't get me wrong ! I'm not like those, whose school of thought is ----- 'in order to get her, first you need to impress your gonna be mothes-in-law'. I do confess, it's still hold its charm here & there but things change, people change & above all whole 'value system' is changed. Alas .... I wish things would be in that way. Oh ! btw, It's just a little bitty disclaimer that I 'just' want to put forward, in case you get the clear picture.

* Thank me no thankings, nor proud me no prouds ! (Shakespeare)

* I'm even poor in thanks but I thank you too.( Shakespeare)

* Ay, so. ( Shakespeare)

* I take it much unkindly. (Shakespeare)

* I humbly thank you too. Well, well, well. (Shakespeare)

* Well, sir, I thank you. ( Shakespeare)

* In civility thou seemest so generous. (Shakespeare)

* No thank you. You owe me ... h'm ... what about an ice cream. ( both hands on waist line )

* How sweet it's to get a thank you from such sweet like you.

* Fair enough.

* You are ever so welcome.

* Awfully nice to hear slash say...

* Some other time.

* Welcome you very very much.

* It's no big deal.

* No problem.

* You can come by anytime. (Okay! Guys just a cryptic message ;)

* No thanks. I just enjoyed myself.

* Aye, Your Majesty! Such seems so ...

* No, I'm privileged.

* Your thank you won't be enough.

* Really .... No Way !!!

* Like-wise.

* That sounds great.

* That sounds like music to my ears.

* You are very welcome.

* Just shut-up.

* A friend of mine proposed a very interesting (at least from my angle) scenario & that's if 'Salma Hayek' (a femme fatale, if someone General Knowledge is very limited) throw a thank you to me then what my answer would be like?

H'm ..... Geez ..... Gosh ..... Well ..... Hands cross on my chest ..... Clear my throat ....In Italian: 'Mama Mia'.

* Thanks for nothing.

* O ! leave 'thank-wank-shank', what about the idea of 'super-duper-rich-creamy-aroumatic-cup-of-coffee', exculsively made by me with boiling eggs (did I mention desi?) & sprinkle all over with black pepper & fancy your self with 'home made sauce' & complement with telescopic survey of heavenly objects of your choice & by chef's order 'Saturn's Rings' & along carrying the mood with, surround track of 'strangers in the night' by 'Frank Sinatra' in background & all this under the majestic night sky & under the excusite 'pashmina shal' (shal 'll be 'bestowed upon' or rather I would say .... h'm .... I would love to wrap around you, as a good will gesture) & after this a finale would be a game of chess via bluetooth with a special provision of white pieces on your side ..... &

( Cut .... to cloud number nine )

He : Ma, she's gorgeous .....
She : What :-D ?? !!! , :') ... 3 sec. & some nano sec. later.


( Cut ..... to real world )

Now you have only one choice against this once in a life time offer & that is :

She : I'm aesthetic, I'm thrilIed, I feel like, I'm on cloud number 9. I'll say, you're ....

Me : Han han ...

She: I love-love-love to come !

Me : 'Let me not think on it,

Frailty thy name is woman'.

* It's OK.

* My pleasure.

* Don't mention.

* You welcome.

* Forget it.

* Thanks for nothing.

* Happy to help.

* Thank you for your thank you.

* I deserve your thank you.

* Khawish me kunam. (Persian)
(That roughly means I don't have a desire for your thank you).

* Bohat iftikhar mekunam. (Persian) (You honored me)

* I'm here to help.

* There's no 'thank you wank you' in friendship.

* No simple thank you, let's go Pizzaria.

* No thanks in return, pay it forward. That means give 3 favors to 3 different people & those 3 again give 3 favors to 3 different people, hence creating a chain reaction. Favors means favors. So, you should be creative about it. (my all time favorite response).

* What should I say ..... You know I'm Naeem a.k.a (also known as) 'man of few words'.

* There're two little things you should never forget from January to December.

He's talking about please & thank you .... (sing along)

She: Oh!, my goshhh! You love 'Barney' !

He: Me too !!

(killer lines for impressing a girl, provided -- 'Mr. Barney' should be on her 'FYI' list, otherwise, you have two possibilities, one you might get a veryyy high eye lift, just like 'Rock the Wrestler'
or 'Puss in the Boots' looks. So, use it at your own discretion.

* Anytime ! ( from Harry Potter )

* Quid pro quo! (something for something) (update)

* Thy meaning, pretty ingenious?

* Niente: It's nothing. (Italian)

* Prego : You welcome. (italian)

* Non si preoccupa: Don't worry about it. (Italian)

* Va bene: Okayyyyyyy! (Italian)

* Con piachere: With pleasure. (Italian)

* Puo stare anche zitto: You've to shut up! (Italian) Baqwas nai kerni meray naal. (in punjabi)

* Lascia poure: Leave it. (Italian) Chad We (in punjabi)

* Miliardi prego: Billion times welcome. (Italian)

* Grazie a te: Thanks to you. (Italian) (update)

* He: Lasciamo perdere la sbarretta ....

She: Come mio amore ;-) Italian) (update)

PS : ( Princess Sofia, in case you're wondering )

You can also add something to this list and if there's, please send it to me & tell me which thank you response is your favorite.

One last thing, thanks for your indulgence & patience for you know what? A little bitty consolation is also due from my behalf for your aching thumbs & certainly would be for your 'goshhh' expression.

Tell me which thank you response you deem to bill me after reading this.

That's all folks !

QED : (Queen Elizabeth Died or Quite Easily Done ) in case you're wondering again. ;-)

PS-2 : To be continue ....

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