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A thank you sales letter is a simple, cost-effective way to keep the customer you have invested so much time, effort and resources to attract. They will also generate more sales and referrals. All of this for the price of a stamp , paper , and a bit of ink. It's a great investment.

"There are two things people want more than sex and money -- recognition and praise." --Mary Kay Ash

The ideal thank you note is direct, to the point, and addresses a specific person. Not a generic, customer. As always, remember that saying thank you is better than no thanks at all.

On these My Thank You Site pages, you will find sales thank you letter samples that you can use right away. No downloading or subscription required. Absolutely free.

Plus you will find articles and tips for other business thank you wording. Now, you can give your customer the praise and recognition they crave. You will be remembered for it.

Use These Thank You Letter
Sales Pages

• A thank you sales letter to say thank you for making a recent use of your services. For both sales people and small business owners who represent companies that provide services. New customers and continuing customers.

• Sales thank you letter to say thank you for purchasing a product. Use this sample note for saying thank you for a recent purchase of a product.

• A business sales thank you for referral - Here you can find a business sales thank you letter that to thank someone for a referral, and also requests a referral. This is ideal for sales reps who sell products where the sale will not be ongoing or is for more of an extended period of time. (such as a car, deck re-finishing, house painting, etc.)

• Business sales thank you letter with special offer. Sample business thanks with coupon or discount offer.

• Business Thank you notes for meetings - Haven't made the sale yet? Get a sample thank you letter for a meeting here. It will take two minutes, and will increase your sales.

Visit the Writing Business Thank You Note Main Page for more sample letters for small businesses, Emails, thank you pages, voicemail messages and more.

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