Thank You Teacher Poems

Use one of these Thank You Teacher Poems with your gift or note.

June is graduation time, and why not give thanks to those teachers who have helped you get into that great school or even more importantly taught you a thing or two.

The following thank you poems to teachers are formal or funny. Pick what works for you.

Wait! Are you a poet? Share your thank you poetry with the visitors to this site (over 5,000 daily). Let the world enjoy your talent and gratitude! Use the poems below as a guide if it helps. I'm sure you can write some that are even better!

Thank You Poems to Teachers

Just Added!
It's the end of the year,
and I thought you should know
a part of me can't wait 'til Summer
and a part doesn't want to go.

It's not recess or lunchtime
or even time with my friends.
It's because I will miss you
that I don't want the year to end.

Many times I thought you were wrong.
So many times I did not agree.
Even stranger were the times
when you opened my eyes to see
that being wrong isn't bad.
In fact it's damn okay.
You taught me to think for myself
and not to be afraid
of feeling like I'm stupid,
because I took an erroneous turn.
Thanks to you I know no failure.
I just know how to learn.

You must be sick of seeing me
All this time--five days a week.
I'll just cut to the chase and say
thanks for everything, Teach!

It's like those kids in that movie.
How can I say thanks to you?
To somebody who changed my life,
and my entire world view.

To my own "Sir" I'll say with love
you changed who I am in the world.
You nurtured the thoughts of a young woman,
when I thought I was just a girl.

We know I was never
head of the class.
We know I can be
a pain in the ass.(can I say that?)
But there's something
you don't know about me.
Many days I sat
in your class

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