Unique Thank You Gifts

Give one of these unique thank you gifts to show your gratitude to your favorite clients, your parents, good friend or neighbor.

Gratitude gifts are a great way to say thanks to friends who watched your dog, a special doctor or dentist for a job well done or to Mom and Dad for helping with the wedding.

Custom Photo Album Thank You

Shining Star Custom Photo Album
• Say thank you with a custom photo album. You can even include photos of your special memories together.

Homemade and Gourmet
Thank You Gifts

• Give someone your secret recipe and gift basket - Print out your favorite family recipe and build your own gift basket with the key ingredients.

Include a piecrust, fresh apples or gourmet peanut butter and flour to make your favorite peanut butter cookies. Take care to leave out perishable items.

Gourmet of the month club

Gourmet Monthly Clubs
Give gourmet cheese, wine, chocolate, and cigars every month or rotate them monthly. A great and unique way to say thanks you to your most important client or say thanks to Mom and Dad!

Get more ideas for gourmet gratitude gifts or thank you gift baskets.

Musical Gratitude Gift

Thank You CD
Remember making mix tapes in school? Say thank you with by burning a CD of his or her favorite songs. If it's a childhood friend, put together songs from when you were kids.

Are you saying thank you for a wedding? Put together a mix of the wedding songs or love songs. Or make a mix CD of thank you songs.
You can download songs for you mix CD from online sources like
iTunes – Over 2 million songs and growing.

Thank You Fortune Cookies

Fortunes of Longevity Silver Fortune Cookie

Say thank you and wish good fortune (Click on Photo to go to seller's website) with silver or edible fortune cookie with your thank you message inside.

Use a famous thank you quote such as Shakespeare's, "I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks," or use words of your own.

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