Wedding Poems for Thank You Cards and Notes

Congratulations on your happy union!

Feel free to use one of these wedding poems for thank your cards or notes.

I'll have additional examples of wedding thank you poems for your thank you notes and cards and other Poems to Say Thank You coming soon.

Our Trip Down the Aisle

We've had our trip down the aisle.
We enjoyed the laughs, the love and smiles.
But the most important part of our special day is not yet through;
It's the part where we get to say thank you to you!
* * * *

To Our Family and Friends

To our very special family and friends,
For you our gratitude has no end.
Our hearts are filled with your joy and love.
You helped make our wedding, a day that dreams are made of.
* * * *

Insert Names
want to express
their sincere appreciation
for your joy and generosity
on their special day.

* * * *

Thanks for Coming

Thanks for coming to the wedding
and for the fun we all shared.
Thank you for the lovely gift
and all your lovely prayers.

* * * *

Thank you for your joyous presence
and your generous present.

* * * *
A Friend So Dear

We thank God
for friends like you
who support us
through and through.
Thank you for your gift
and your good cheer
and thank you for being
a friend so dear.

* * * *

Please accept our sincere thanks
for your generous gift.
* * * *

Your gift and good will
are among the blessings
we are thankful for
as we begin our life together.

Thank you and God bless you.


Thank you for joining us
on the day of our blessed union.
Your lovely gift is also appreciated.
With heartfelt thanks,
Insert Names


Thank you for your blessings, joy,
and the lovely wedding gift.


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